It’s time for the next Sylvia’s Children newsletter and, as usual, there is much to share.

1. Eileen … you will be glad to know that the solar powered flood lights are installed!

2. We have a new nurse at the school and the children are finally getting good medical care. We are all anxious to meet her when we go in June. Special thanks to Brigitte Daley who has been our emissary and representative in Uganda. She runs a school and women’s cooperative in Tekerah, a village similar to Mbiriizi, and is a registered nurse. Besides all that she is a wonderful, caring, bright person. Thanks, Brigitte … we owe you!

3. Just a reminder … the June trip is June 24 to July 7and we currently have 15 signed up with a 16th “in the wings”. Just waiting to hear his confirmation. Luckily he will be coming up from South Africa so the air travel won’t be a problem.

4. Ran into Rhonda and Gene Sherwin at the Grove this weekend. They live in NYC … I never shop … it was fate. So great to see them. They are always with us in heart.

5. On Wednesday, May 20, I am meeting with a group of health professionals to develop a plan to raise $40,000 for a health clinic. In reality? If only 80 doctors give us $500 each we would have the clinic.

6. On Monday, June 8, I am being honored by the Muscular Dystrophy Association with their Visions of Hope award. There will be 450-500 people at this event and what a wonderful opportunity to share with them what we are doing at the Mbiriizi Advanced Primary School and Day Care. 

7. Thanks to Jeannie MacDonald, who is a first grade teacher at the Village School in Holmdel, they are doing a shoe drive and we will be able to bring a new pair of shoes for each of the children on the trip. On Sunday, June 7 we will be having a “match the shoes to the socks” party … anyone within a 100 mile radius of Holmdel is welcome to come and help. Noon to 5, free food, GREAT company and a GREAT cause. (Call me @ 732 946 2711 and let me know if you can make it!)

8. And, thanks to Phyllis and Carmine Visone – owners of HOME AWAY FROM HOME ACADEMY in Aberdeen, NJ – we will have a pair of socks to go with each pair of shoes. In addition, Carmine and Phyllis donated another500 T-shirts with Home Away From Home Academy on them so each child
will have a new shirt.

9. The Glassboro Middle School is doing fund raising for us through the month of May … it is so exciting to see children helping children.

10. And, speaking of children:
a. Four young ladies at Ranney, spearheaded by Michelle Drappi, are planning a five mile walk for October 10. Get those walking shoes out and join us!
b. Ryan Dolan, a sophomore at Red Bank Catholic, is planning series of Battle of the Bands (first one May 22) to raise money so we can buy the sewing machines and building in which to house them.

11. Don Pope and Howard Kradjel are planning a Century of Hope bike tour to raise money for Sylvia’s Children on Saturday, September 19. Just go to and click on events. You can download the form (three tours … 4 miles, 25 miles and 100 miles … take your pick!)

12. Then, on Sunday, September 20 we will be the church service again at Holmdel Community United Church of Christ. I would like as many former travelers as possible to be there with me. We will also feed them African food afterwards during fellowship hall and sell rafts from the children and the co-op.

13. Sad to say, some of our sponsors have not renewed their sponsorship of the orphans. I find it so depressing that they can give a child (who has no parents) hope for a year or two and then go away. As people come on board now I am asking them for a commitment that they will sponsor the child through our school as well as secondary school. (A year at secondary school is $500 so it’s not that much more.)

14. A special “thanks” to those sponsors who have stayed with the children and given them hope (and love) in their lives.

15. Geofrey, the owner of the school, needs a Blackberry. If you are upgrading or have an extra one, please consider donating it. You will certainly get more (from a tax standpoint) than you would by throwing it into the Verizon recycling bin!

16. I have been doing a radio show, thanks to the generosity of Daniel Prins in Minnesota, on Sylvia’s Children.
17. And, as hard as it is to believe, the Christmas trip to Africa is just around the corner. The dates this year are November 26 to December 3 and I would love to know who will be going. The good news I got this week is Claire Sully (who has gone with us on two summer trips) will be going at Christmas. Hurray! The cost will be $2,500 which will include all airfare, hotels, food and transportation. This trip is less expensive as we do not go on a safari but, rather, just bring joy to the children.

I’m sure I have forgotten something but so much happens and it has been two months! Thank you all for your love and support. Our next newsletter will be after we come back. I am sure we will have much to share.


So who is Sylvia's Children?
ylvia’s Children
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No administration charges are taken out of your donations. 100% of the money goes to the school and 100% of your donation is tax deductible.

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