NEWS UPDATE  November 2008
Overcoming Obstacles One At A Time 

Teachers at Mbiriizi Primary School

So far every newsletter has been on an upbeat note as we continue to make strides in our efforts to help the children at the Mbiriizi Advanced Primary School in Uganda, Africa.  However, this time there have been glitches … we are still making progress but we have had some setbacks


Here’s what has happened since the last newsletter: 

1.    CHRISTMAS: Thanks to the American Red Cross, Jersey Coast Chapter, we have 1,000 blankets for the children.  That’s the good news!  Now, we have to get them there and the wonderful lady at DHL who was going to help us quit and took another job!  Anyway, Doris at DHL has given us a wonderful rate (although it’s $6,000 we hadn’t planned on spending!).  Blankets were picked up Tuesday, the 18th and will be delivered directlry to the school.  Our trip will be November 28 to December 4. 

2.   REGRETS:  Disappointing news, Frank and Elly DaLotto will NOT be going on the Christmas trip.  Sad for both us and them.

3.   T-SHIRTS: Fundraising for the t-shirts is going slower than planned so Tara Kelly, Red Cross CEO, and I have decided that we will have Christmas in July which will give us more time to raise the money and produce the shirts.  It will also give us time to check out prices in Masaka and Kampala, thereby eliminating the shipping expense and, on the positive side, providing economic impact for the community.  

4.    LAND: Geoffrey has found 3-4 acres of land for 8,000,000 schillings (I have asked him to bargain it down … surprise).  I couldn’t take the money out of the orphan fund.  Put out a plea and two “angels” came to our rescue and provided the money.  Eileen Turcotte and her partner, John Tessel, have given the money so we can buy the land and use it for growing produce for the children and the school.  Thank you, Eileen and John, for your kind, generous and giving hearts.

5.    SPONSORSHIP OF CHILDREN: SPONSORSHIP OF CHILDREN: If you have received a renewal letter, please send your sponsorship dollars … whether credit card, monthly allocation or check.  We have 267 orphans, less than 100 are sponsored.  And, of course, if you know of anyone who wants to help a child in need, just have them go to the website and they can select child sponsorship there.

6.    INTERN: Now, for the terrific news!  Doug Brown is going to seminar and needs to do an internship.  Guess where he is doing it!  I have talked with his advisor who has approved the internship; he just wants to visit and see the work environment.  Hope he’s ready for the “antique-ness”.  I love the carriage house but early 1800’s isn’t a skyscraper!  Doug … I am so happy I can hardly stand it!

7.    Summer Trip: Now, this is shaping up to be something really wonderful.  The dates are July 26 to July 7.  We will be spending 5 days at the school because we are very lucky to have Jeroen Mourik coming with us.  Jeroen is an internationally acclaimed dance teacher for children who will be preparing a special dance with the classes that will be performed on the last day, hopefully with parents and guardians present.  Michele and I will be working with Geoffrey on logistics when we are there.

Also, if Tiffany Loria of 2Broads Productions gets her way she will be on the trip as well shooting video for a series on outstanding women for HBO. 

So far the trip consists of Doug Brown, Claire Sully, Michele and Tony Costa, Pam Weigle, Kristen Thomas, Vicky Tuccillo, Jeroen Moerik and me.  I have others on the list (Joe Corpina, Kathy Lockood, Laurene McEneny, Eileen Turcotte, Therese St. Ong) but these are the ones that have written and said “Where do I send my deposit”.  Still trying to keep the budget to $3,500 per person and don’t expect that to go up.

The date seems far off, but in bureaucratic terms, it is really moving up quickly so I would like to get an idea of who wishes to join this trip.  If you have gone before … the good news?  You don’t have to get another yellow fever shot!  Just FYI … Michele, Eileen and I have applied for multiple entry visas.  If you think you will go more than once this is a more cost-effective way to get your visa.

More after we return!  Thanks to all of your for your interest in, and love for, these children at the Mbiriizi Advanced. Please keep them in your prayers this Thanksgiving, for you will certainly be in theirs!

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So who is Sylvia's Children?
Sylvia’s Children is a family-run charity with Sylvia Allen, founder, as President and her two children, Michele and Tony Costa, serving as trustees. 


No administration charges are taken out of your donations. 100% of the money goes to the school and 100% of your donation is tax deductible.

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Sylvia and Geoffrey with daughter Michele (l) and son Tony(r).